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          This web site has been created to assist those conducting research in the history of Guiding/Scouting. For the purposes of this site, Guiding/Scouting research is considered a multidisciplinary field. The site encompasses the breadth of the Scouting movement and includes: Boy Scouting, Girl Scouting, Girl Guiding, WOSM, WAGGGS, independent Scouting movements, unit, local, national, and international associations. Much of the research today in the field of Scouting looks at Scouting through the lenses of gender, youth, culture, identity, education, masculinity, sexuality, politics, discrimination, religion, and many other areas of intersection.

          The success of this site is dependent upon the participation of Scouting historians, both academic and non-academic. This participation is not limited to just contributing to the discussion on the bulletin board, rather it includes: making available previously published articles, or submitting original articles for publication on the site; providing course syllabi; keeping our lists of archives and bibliographies current; informing us of current research; and offering suggestions on making the site more relevant to the needs of the community of Scouting historians. If you have any questions or comments about the site, please contact us.

Web Site Name

     The name for the web site taken from the name for Lord and Lady Baden-Powell’s last home together in Nyeri, Kenya. They moved there in 1938 and Lord Baden-Powell died there in 1941. He is buried in a nearby cemetery. For more information on the origin of the name Baden-Powell gave to their home, visit the web page maintained by the Kenya Boy Scouts Association.

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