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     Historians of Guiding/Scouting invariably visit libraries, organizations, governmental depositories, and even the homes of private individuals to review collected archival material relating to Guiding/Scouting. To assist in your research, we have compiled several guides to archives and manuscripts which contain material relating to the history of Scouting/Guiding.
     These Guides are arranged by subject and are revised upon receipt of new information. Because of the number of archival collections in existence, the Guides are being made available as PDF documents. (To download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here.) If you know of an archive not listed in the appropriate Guide, which would be of interest, please contact us with the following information:

  • Name of the archive
  • Location of archive
  • Description of material in the archive
  • Physical location of the archive
  • E-mail and/or web site information for the archive


If you download, or use a Guide in your research, please take a moment to let us know via e-mail. This lets us know if the site is being utilized for research. If there is no interest in the Guides, then there is no need for this web site to exist.


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