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     In an effort to assist historians in their research, a wide-range of bibliographies have been prepared and made available as PDF document. Given the shear number of sources, the bibliographies have been divided into several categories. Smaller selected bibliographies have been compiled for those research areas for which we have knowledge of the material. If we do not offer a selected bibliography, please feel free to contact us with a selected bibliography for that subject area.
     A list of abbreviations used in the bibliographies is available here.


If you download, or use a Bibliography in your research, please take a moment to let us know via e-mail. This lets us know that the site is being utilized for research. If there is no interest in the Bibliographies, then there is no need for this web site to exist.


     The Bibliographies are organized as follows:

     Additional Bibliographies will be listed above when available. If you have a reference that you would like to have added to a bibliography, or several citations, please contact us to discuss the format in which to send the information. Upon receipt of further information, bibliographies will be updated and noted on this page.

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