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     Below is a list of historians who are actively engaged in the research in particular topics that focus fully or partially on Scouting. The purpose of this list is to provide the opportunity to communicate between historians conducting research the same, or a related historical question.
     If you wish to be listed, or make corrections, please contact us with the following information:

  • Name.
  • Area of Study (eg.: Boy Scouting, Girl Guiding, Girl Scouting, Youth, etc.)
  • Research question(s) currently under study.
  • Time period(s).
  • If inclined, a brief (250 characters) description of your research.
  • E-mail and/or web site address.


Bar-Yosef, Eitan
Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Israeli Scouting; Postcolonial literatures; British imperial and cultural history
19th & 20th Century
eby (at)

Cordery, Stacy A.
Monmouth College (Monmouth, Illinois)
Biography of Juliette Gordon Low
stacy (at)

Crotty, Martin
University of Queensland
War and Australian society, sports history, masculinity, and education.
m.crotty (at);

Formark, Bodil
Mid Sweden University and the National Graduate School of Gender Studies
Scouting in Sweden
20th Century
Bodil.Formark (at)

Kudriashov, Yuri
Pomor State University (Arkhangelsk, Russia)
Scouting in Russia
kudry (at)

Lafferty, Deborah
King's College London
Girl Scouting and Guiding
Early 20th Century
deborah.lafferty (at)

Lammers, Benjamin J.
Caldwell College
blammers (at);

Macleod, David I.
Central Michigan University
The history of childhood and youth in the United States, the history of philanthropy, and the history of voluntary organizations.
macle1d (at);

Mechling, Jay
University of California - Davis
Masculinity, History and Cultures of Childhood, Animals and Science, Cold War Tourism and Culture.
20th Century
jemechling (at);

Miller, Susan A.
University of Pennsylvania
Sports and sexuality, youth culture and environmental history. Campfire and Girl Scouts, with an emphasis on camping.
samiller (at);

Mills, Sarah
Loughborough University
UK Scout Movement, Religion, Identity, Citizenship
Post WW2
S.Mills (at);

Muratori, Fr. Carlo
Library Director of  Order of Friars Minor Capuchin in Bologna (Italy)
Scouting in Italy, Catholic Scouting, Baden-Powell
1870 2010
“My studies concerning the bibliographies scouts. At the bottom of my library I have a scout books in English, Italian, French (11.000 books)”
fracarletto (at)

Paradis, Lia
Slippery Rock University
lia.paradis (at);

Parsons, Timothy H.
Washington University
Social historian of twentieth century Africa; Scouting in Colonial Africa.
20th Century
tparsons (at);

Peavy, David
Catholic Boy Scouting in the USA, Discrimination issues with the BSA (African Americans and Native Americans)
david.peavy (at);

Proctor, Tammy
Wittenberg University
Girl Guiding and Scouting
20th Century
tproctor (at);

Rothschild, Mary Logan
Arizona State University
Specializes in the history of American women and feminism, women’s oral history and gender equity in education. Currently working on: "Girl Scouting and the Culture of American Womanhood, 1912-1982," which uses Girl Scouting as a window on American girlhood and womanhood in the Twentieth Century.
20th Century
mary.rothschild (at)

Soland, Birgitte
Ohio State University
The history of women, youth, children and children's rights.
20th Century
soland.1 (at);

Walker, Colin R.
Scouting Milestones
Baden-Powell and Boy Scouting in the UK
scouting.milestones (at);

Warren, Allen
University of York
History of British youth and its condition and culture.
ajw9 (at);

Watenpaugh, Keith David
University of California - Davis
Scouting in the Middle East; Focus on the multiple intersections of the modern international human rights regime, Islam and colonialism in the 20th century Arab Middle East.
20th Century
kwatenpaugh (at);

Watt, Carey A.
St. Thomas University (Fredericton, Canada)
Colonial and postcolonial South Asia; Indian Boy Scout movement
19-20th Century
cwatt (at);

Witt, David L.
Ernest Thompson Seton Legacy Project, Academy for the Love of Learning
Ernest Thompson Seton
20th Century
davidlwitt (at);

Wittemans, Sophie
Centre Historique Belge du Scoutisme - Belgisch Historisch Centrum voor Scoutisme
Girl-guiding, francophone scouting and guiding, colonial guiding, gender issues and coeducation
20th century
sophie.wittemans (at);

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