Research into
Guiding & Scouting

     In an effort to facilitate the research and study of the history of Guiding/Scouting, the following materials have been assembled. If you would like to provide additional information in any of these areas, or would like to suggesst additional material, please contact us.

      • Guides to Archives and Manuscripts Collections - Several guides have been compiled  listing archives, organized by interest and/or region.
      • Guiding/Scouting Articles - Original and previously published articles and/or papers or posters from conferences, are made available. (Coming Soon)
      • Bibliographies - A collection of bibliographies on a wide range of subjects relating to the history of Guiding/Scouting.
      • Dissertations - A listing of masters and doctoral students working on a thesis that focuses fully or partially on Guiding/Scouting.
      • Guiding/Scouting Historians - A list of those persons actively interested and researching in the history of Guiding/Scouting.
      • Guiding/Scouting Syllabi - It is hoped that a collection of syllabi of college courses that focuses either fully or partly on Guiding/Scouting.
      • Guiding/Scouting Documents - A repository of documents and publications related to the history of Guiding/Scouting.


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