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ScoutingFrontiersScouting Frontiers: Youth and the Scout Movement’s First Century
Edited by Nelson R. Block and Tammy M. Proctor

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ISBN: 1-4438-0450-9
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     Despite the fact that Scouting has touched the lives of a quarter of a billion boys and girls and their leaders around the world in the past century, its history has been largely ignored. Scouting Frontiers: Youth and the Scout Movement’s First Century is the first book to discuss the history and principal themes of the Boy Scout and Girl Guide movements on an international scale. Inspired by presentations at the ground-breaking 2008 Johns Hopkins University symposium, "Scouting: A Centennial History," the authors examine the world's greatest youth movement through the diverse experiences of its members and their organizations. From Muslim Scouts in Wales to French Scouts in Syria to Girl Guides in colonial Kenya, Scouting has responded to the challenges of international expansion and transformed itself to address cultural, political and social diversity. Scouting Frontiers focuses particularly on the intersections between Scouting’s origins and its transformations over the last century as it faced frontiers of nation, empire, religion, race, class, and gender.


By drawing together a number of the eminent names in the history of youth movements and empire, and ranging - appropriately - across a variety of different contexts and geographical spaces, 'Scouting Frontiers' gives a richly layered account of the alluring concept that has fundamentally shaped and informed Scouting - its challenges for the young, its identity, its history - since its inception just over one hundred years ago: the far frontier.

Elleke Boehmer, Professor of World Literature in English, University of Oxford, and editor of the Oxford edition of Baden-Powell's 1908 'Scouting for Boys'

The great virtue of this volume is that, for the first time, we have a set of excellent essays reflecting Scouting and Guiding's astonishing international reach. Many non-religious institutions and movements claim to be world wide, but only the Scouts and Guides can really claim the status.

In addition to the book's global sweep, it is unique in the way that it brings together Scouting and Guiding. It not only places them side by side, but explores how they interacted and how gender affected both movements. The analysis presented here reflects a high level of sophistication with respect to gender and age relations. It is aware of the complications of race and class, as well as religion. Indeed, it reflects the cutting edge of a new frontier of historiography.

John R. Gillis, Professor of History Emeritus, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, and author of Youth and History

Table of Contents



Understanding Scouting and Guiding after a Hundred Years
Allen Warren



Building an Empire of Youth: Scout and Guide History in Perspective
Tammy M. Proctor


Section I: Forging Frontiers


A Well Where Others May Drink: 100 Years of Scouting History
Nelson R. Block


Original Intent: Establishing the Creed and Control of Boy Scouting in the United States
David Macleod


Trademark: Scout
Susan A. Miller


Fighting Pioneer Youth: Zionist Scouting in Israel and Baden-Powell’s Legacy
Eitan Bar-Yosef


The Double Concept of Subject and Citizen at the Heart of Guiding and Scouting
Sophie Wittemans


Section II: Colonial Frontiers


Scouts Down Under: Scouting, Militarism and “Manliness” in Australia, 1908-1920
Martin Crotty


Scouting in the Interwar Arab Middle East: Youth, Colonialism and the Problems of Middle-class Modernity
Keith David Watenpaugh


Similarity and Difference at Girl Guide Camps in England, Canada and India
Kristine Alexander


“No Showy Muscles”: the Boy Scouts and the Global Dimensions of Physical Culture and Bodily Health in Britain and Colonial India
Carey Watt


The Limits of Sisterhood: The Evolution of the Girl Guide Movement in Colonial Kenya
Timothy Parsons


Section III: Evolving Frontiers


Savages and the “She Period”: The Boy Scouts of America’s Younger and Older Boy Problems
Ben Jordan


God and “Whatever” in the Boy Scouts of America
Jay Mechling

Scouting Frontiers: Youth and the Scout Movement's First Century


Youth Citizenship and Religious Difference: Muslim Scouting in the United Kingdom
Sarah Mills


Status Quo Keeper or Social Change Promoter? The Double Side of World Scouting’s Citizenship Education
Eduard Vallory



The Future of Scout History
Nelson R. Block and Tammy M. Proctor


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